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Required Tools List

Required Tool List

If an employee does not report to work with the required tools, the employer has the right to refuse to employ the employee and the employer shall not be liable for any payment to such employee.

  1. Staple Gun (JT21)
  2. Pliers (standard 6” size)
  3. Blade Screwdriver (medium size)
  4. Phillips Head Screwdriver (medium size)
  5. Adjustable Wrench (6” or larger)
  6. Stanley Knife
  7. Tape Measure (25’ minimum retractable metal)
  8. Hammer
  9. Cushion Back Carpet Cutter
  10. Toolbox or Pouch
  11. Allen Wrench Sets (metric and standard)
  12. Work Gloves
  13. Pry Bar
  14. Tin Snips
  15. Hack Saw (employer to supply blades)
  16. Key Hole Saw (employer to supply blades)
  17. Drill Index
  18. 1/4” Cam Lock Key (7/32”)
  19. 3/8” Cam Lock Key (5/16”)
  20. T-30 Torx T-handled wrench/tool

Southern Nevada Teamsters 631 Training Center
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